Romance of the Three Kingdoms-Review/Preview

I've been waiting to review this book for a while.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. What is there to say; this is without a doubt, one of my favorite books. This is basically China's odyssey type book. Alright, from the start, this would seem by most to be harder to read than the Iliad or the Odyssey. In reality though; it's not. The book is excellently translated into English by Moss Roberts, a superb translator. Besides all that; this book has it all. But for the most part; it's about: Honor, Bravery, Brotherhood, Villainy, Strategy, and even a little Romance. The book starts with the land in complete disaster. Bandits roam the countryside, corruption in the courts, rebellions are everywhere, rioting, famine, and a lot more is wrong with the Country of China in 181 A.D. The call to arms is given to seek heroes from all around to enlist and stop the corruption. The story after giving that little prelude; focuses on one man, named Liu Bei. Liu Bei, is a kind and gentle man and is very determined to stop the chaos and bring peace. However, he is not a warrior and therefore is almost helpless. This is where Zhang Fei and Guan Yu enter. Both these men, are warriors, with a desire to help the country as well. And with that, the 3 take an oath to become brothers. From that point, the three are almost inseparable. And the entire story rings with the tales of their bravery, courage and dedication.

Romance of the Kingdoms is one of the best novel sets out there. As I said before; it's got everything. But mostly, if you want to lose track of time; and I can assure you, you will (2400 pages). Then give it a try. The only downside I can see is that the 4th book is a little slower than the others. Besides that, I still give this book a 9/10 You can find it on if you want to read it.